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Types of Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe the object or subject in a sentence. In linguistics, an adjectival word is a single word that describes the object or subject, but has no corresponding noun or verb. Its main semantic function is to alter information given in the object. Most adjectives are formed from verbs. In English, the …

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What Is Perpendicularity?

In geometry, the relationship between straight lines that meet at a certain angle is called the perpendicularity of the line. In other words, perpendicularity in geometry means the fact that a line is perpendicular to another line that passes through it. The perpendicularity of a line applies to all other similar geometric objects. Perpendicularity is …

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Finding Roots And Exponents Using A Graphing Calculator

What is the GRE Quantifying section? The GRE Quantifying section tests basic arithmetic, algebra, geometrical, and logic skills. Quantifying GRE subjects requires the knowledge of the different kinds of numbers, including decimals, percentages, exact figures, ratios, percentages, totals, and ratios. The test also tests properties, types of exponents, including exponents of great power, exponents of …

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