Shapes of a Triangle – Wear Your Waist and Legs in a Triangle

In the “Shapes of a Triangle” segment of the “Fashion – Think” series, three fashion designers, Kimora Lee Simmons, Isabelle Veltri and Anne Hathaway, give their take on how to shape your body into a triangle. The first two share their tips on how to create an hourglass shape, while Hathaway’s advice for shaping is a lot more circular and symmetrical. These shapes are all the rage with women who want to create a more balanced and flattering look, especially when paired with an equally fabulous figure.

In her tips, Veltri recommends using a pair of “flawless” shoes in neutral colors, along with a fitted blouse and a skirt. She also advises not to wear a lot of accessories or jewelry to accentuate her body shape. For example, she does not recommend wearing a diamond necklace with a pair of chunky heels. Instead, she suggests pairing the necklace with a simple bracelet in the same neutral color.

Veltri also suggests that you avoid using your hands and fingers when wearing high-heeled footwear, as they may cause stress on your neck. This means that the best way to wear your high-heeled shoes is to simply flip them over, so that your wrists do not have to work as hard to hold up the heels. She then recommends that you wear a pair of high-heeled sandals with a pair of slacks. She says that this style of look “sets up the right proportions” of your legs. For those with flat feet, she suggests wearing flat sandals and a high-heeled shoe, in order to achieve a balanced silhouette.

Veltri’s advice is similar to that of Hathaway’s, but she also offers up several ideas about how to use your head to enhance your shoulders. For instance, she suggests wearing a short hairstyle that is tied back into a ponytail, in order to create a “triangle-like” look on the top of your head.

Veltri also suggests that you avoid wearing too much jewelry on your body, and that you also choose a pair of matching colors. She further advises that you try to coordinate any accessories with the style and shape of the dress, so that the look is harmonious.

Next on the “Shapes of a Triangle” episode, Simmons shares her advice with Hathaway and Veltri. She advises that you wear a pair of “perfectly matched” shoes that compliment your body type, and skin tone. As long as the heel of your high-heeled shoes does not dip too far below the knee, she also suggests that you do not choose to wear platform-style sandals.

In addition, Simmons advises that you select a style of dress that highlights your waist line, even if it is not a “sheath dress.” A flowing sheath dress can elongate the legs, thereby giving your body a flattering shape. With a neutral colored dress, you can also avoid wearing too much jewelry and accessories and focus more on highlighting the body.

To conclude, “Shapes of a Triangle” is definitely worth a viewing. You will find that these tips and ideas will help you achieve the look that you want.

With the help of Hathaway and Veltri, you can find a variety of ways to wear your waistline, so that the triangle shape will pop out. You can wear strapless dress with a ruffled skirt, and a pair this dress with heels that are a bit too high for your feet; you can also try a style of dress that shows off your shape while showing off your waist.

With the help of Hathaway and Veltri, you can also discover some great ideas on how to pair your dress with shoes that emphasize your hips and your legs, or with a low heel that is neither too high nor too low. Hathaway and Veltri also suggest that you avoid wearing too many accessories on your dress.

With the help of Hathaway and Veltri, you can also discover several great tips on how to wear your hair in different directions to achieve the triangle shape. By lengthening the hair in the front and then curling it back at the end, you can create a look that is more “triangle-like.”

Hathaway and Veltri provide great suggestions on how to use your eyes to accentuate your neck, hips, and thighs, as well as the waist, thus creating the triangle shape that you want. In addition, Hathaway and Veltri recommend that you consider pairing your dress with a neutral color for both evening wear and casual wear, while you’re choosing a colored taffeta skirt with a neutral-colored dress, so that your dress can be both subtle and elegant.