Why is the GRE Has a Math Question That Can’t Be Faked?

Does the GRE have math in it? It appears that the answer is no and, yes, there are many reasons why a math test can be hard to pass.

The first reason that the GRE doesn’t have math in it is because the GRE is a multiple choice exam and the format allows the test taker to choose from multiple choices on each question and then choose a correct or incorrect answer on their own. There is no one who has to check your answers and grade them. This is very different from the SAT which is an essay and there is someone checking your answers for accuracy. If you take the time to study for a multiple choice exam, it will help prepare you better for the GRE.

Second, if you are trying to get prepared for a GRE math test, then it’s going to be impossible to get math skills from watching DVDs of people doing math problems. These DVDs are designed to teach the students a certain method of thinking rather than giving a true demonstration of doing math.

Third, the GRE is a standardized test, so there are no variations in the test due to state laws and there are no different kinds of questions that could be used on the exam. So even though the question formats may be different, you will not be able to use some of the techniques that may be taught in some of the DVDs.

Fourth, most people don’t take the time to learn math skills, especially when they need them for the GRE. This is a true statement of fact and is something that most people don’t do. They tend to focus on other things more than study and this could lead to missing out on some of the tips that could help them on the exam.

Fifth, if you do happen to study for a test like the GRE and you find that you don’t know enough about the subject, you could get frustrated and quit studying before the exam. So, it is better to be prepared by learning to do your math problems ahead of time and practice them ahead of time so that you will be better prepared to ace the test.

Sixth, the GRE isn’t the only test that requires you to understand algebra and graphing. You need to know calculus if you want to get into medical school and get into med school and other higher level schools.

Seventh, if you do pass the GRE but you don’t understand it well, don’t worry. It may be due to lack of knowledge and that is definitely something that you can fix.

Eighth, you can pass the GRE without knowing any other types of math. There are actually some companies out there that offer Math Coach Courses that will prepare you to pass the test, even if you don’t have any experience in algebra or graphing.

The good thing is, these courses are usually very affordable and are really worth it. Just make sure that you find a course that uses methods that work for you and teaches you effective ways to approach the GRE problem.

Ninth, the last tip I will give you to help you improve your chances of passing the GRE is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work on those areas to help you better prepare for the exam. There are many people who have had no luck with the GRE because they didn’t understand their strengths.

The bottom line is, it really depends on you. If you know what you are capable of and are confident in yourself, you can pass the test no matter what type of test you are taking.